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Choosing the Right Emergency and Exit Lighting Solution

Finding the appropriate emergency and exit lighting for your commercial or industrial space can be a difficult decision. FICO Australia can help you select the lighting options that will provide the maximum visibility in an emergency by considering factors such as size, sources of illumination, and brightness levels.

When choosing lighting for stairwells, emergency exits, and areas that necessitate immediate evacuation due to hazardous materials or fire safety concerns, you want to select the most efficient lighting options. Make sure lights are visible, clearly marked, and bright enough to quickly guide people in hazardous zones towards an exit. Consider selecting emergency lights with high lumen ratings to give people clear visibility when they need it the most.

FICO Australia supplies, installs, and maintains Exit and Emergency lighting systems in accordance with Australian Standards AS 2293.

  • We can provide comprehensive reporting, repair, design, and analysis.
  • We can install and maintain network Exit and Emergency Light Systems.

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Emergency and Exit Lighting
Emergency and Exit Lighting

When choosing the right emergency and exit lighting solution, you should consider the following factors:

Emergency and exit lighting are critical for ensuring the safety of your building and its occupants during an emergency.

  1. Regulations: First and foremost, ensure that the emergency and exit lighting solution you choose complies with all relevant regulations, fire, and safety standards.
  2. Building layout: Consider the layout of your building, including the number of floors, rooms, and exits. This will help you determine the number of emergency and exit lights you need and their placement.
  3. Power source: Determine which power source is best suited for your building based on your budget, maintenance needs, and the length of time the lights need to remain illuminated. Emergency and exit lights can be powered by either a battery backup or a generator.
  4. Light source: Emergency and exit lights can use either LED or Halogen/Fluorescent lights. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than others.
  5. Maintenance: Emergency and exit lights require regular maintenance, including bulb replacement, battery replacement, and cleaning.

FICO Austalia can help you choose an emergency and exit lighting solution that meets your building’s needs and ensures the safety of its occupants during an emergency. Contact us

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