Workplace Health and Safety and COVID response

FICO is committed to WHS through application of safe work practices and systems. Our team holds necessary qualifications and certificates to undertake all works.

FICO underpins WHS through provision of policies, procedures, risk and hazard assessments and SWMS for all work sites. SAFETY is a key performance indicator of our business.

Our field staff holds first aid certificates, working with children checks and have undergone police checks.

We also offer our staff a Wellness Program that includes annual health checks, FLU vaccinations and on site exercise programs. The following outlines actions we have taken as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Workplace Health and Safety and COVID response

FICO’s COVID-19 Response

During these times, FICO continues to be a reliable, trustworthy service provider able to meet planned, unplanned, urgent and scheduled requirements. Our aim is to protect the health and safety of our team, clients, stakeholders and the general public throughout this difficult and challenging time.

  • FICO is an early adopter of actions to responsibly manage through the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We take this responsibility seriously and we have put in place business continuity plans, team structures, policies and procedures that reflect Government directions and guidance to protect our business and yours.
  • Regular meetings are held with staff to discuss issues related to the pandemic as well as business as normal activities.
  • Our field staff ensure they are following safe work practices, hygiene protocols and social distancing both at work, at client sites and in their private time.
  • Work permits and a COVID Safe plan has been implemented as required by Government. We constantly keep updated with news and issues surrounding this pandemic and communicate and train our staff accordingly.
  • We also recognise that once the current limitations on business are relaxed there will be more pressure for businesses to “get back to normal” and that there may well be a new “normal”. We want to work with you to meet future challenges and to ensure compliance with essential services requirements is as painless as possible for you.

The Environment

FICO’s approach to environmental management is to research and identify supplies and products to reduce the carbon footprint. FICO’s technicians will advise clients of options to reduce or mitigate emissions and to reduce energy costs through application of various essential services systems.

Workplace Health and Safety and COVID response
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