Businesses today must have the right systems and processes to provide up to date and real time information for clients to operate safely, efficiently and accurately.

FICO has invested in the latest technology to manage your fire maintenance with a specialised custom built software program, Uptick.

Uptick is an industry specific system implemented at FICO 2 years ago. Our members of staff are trained in its application so that clients can have the confidence that their essential service assets are accurately recorded and tracked in the system.

Uptick is essentially a job management program with routine maintenance tools that reflect the frequencies and tolerances required from Australian Standards, AS1851-2012 and AS1851-2005 along with other relevant Essential Services Management schedules.

Uptick manages your assets easily through the use of bar codes that track critical information such as major service dates, past inspection dates, barcodes and defect history.

Real time reporting allows speedy production of reports and defects quotes for our clients that will ensure critical repairs can be undertaken.

FICO is also committed to quality systems and procedures to ensure compliance and to meet ISO quality standards. FICO has implemented NECA’s quality management system. This approach ensures that the business reflects best practice with a continuous improvement philosophy.

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