Room Integrity Testing

Room Integrity Testing

An Enclosure Integrity Test is a mandatory commissioning function for any gaseous extinguishing system that complies with ISO 14520, NFPA 2001, EN 15004 & AS ISO 14520. Confirming whether the enclosure that is being protected will maintain the suppression agent for a minimum duration of 10 minutes is a critical part of the overall system performance.

A gaseous extinguishing system is typically designed to extinguish a fire after initial discharge and with a well-sealed enclosure will maintain an extinguishing concentration for a minimum duration to prevent re-flash of the fire.

This allows time for fire services, site emergency response personnel, and safety officers to prepare and evaluate the fire situation and take control of the fire emergency after the fire extinguishing system has done its job.


FICO offers a design, installation and maintenance service for a comprehensive range of gaseous agent fire extinguishing systems suitable for all kinds of hazards and situations in commercial and industrial applications. Gases include: Inergen, FM-200, Carbon Dioxide System, Argonite, Novec 1230, Fire Trace, Fire Suppression System.

FICO offers Room Integrity Testing to Australian Standard AS1851-2005, 2012 “Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment” which requires an Enclosure Integrity Test each year. This service ensures your system is operating effectively and efficiently to reduce your risks.


FICO can:

  • Provide an Issue of Certification for facility owners to meet the requirements of AS-ISO 14520 (2015) – these are annual enclosure testing requirements.
  • Replace door seals and enclosure compliance, maintenance and repairs.
  • Supply and install Pressure Relief Vents.
  • Deliver programmed Maintenance.